Coroners & Medical Examiners

Every day, Save a Life America and our partners work towards the goal of bringing the gift of life to those in need worldwide. As a medical examiner or coroner, you are in a position to help facilitate these organ and tissue-restoring transplants. Save a Life America and the local medical examiner / coroner authorities share a common goal to serve our local communities; in this spirit, tissue donation should not conflict with the death investigation. By partnering to establish effective and timely communication of the donation process, we can ensure that the needs of the investigator and grieving donor families can all be accomplished.

Your involvement helps make donation possible. Save a Life America offers helpful guidelines to assist you.

Save A Life America supports the men and women of the state of California that serve the families through the Coroner and Medical Examiner offices. We appreciate your support of donation.

National Association of Medical Examiner (NAME) Position paper for organs, tissues & transplantation

Contact our office for more information: We can be reached at, or 858.643.9373

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We constantly work with a number of special partners who have programs to support more families with donation opportunities in their communities. These partners have established special referral programs and policies to ensure more people in their community have the opportunity for tissue donation and transplantation. We are honored by their dedication.