Donor Families


Save A Life America will do all we can to provide the care you need following the loss of a loved one.

Save A Life America will provide support and guidance to your family whether you choose to donate or not.

Save A Life America will do all we can to maximize the donation options for a family.

Save A Life America will treat your loved one with respect and dignity.


During times of great grief, donor families are able to find the courage to help make the gift of life a reality for someone struggling. Many donor families tell us that donation was a bright light in an otherwise dark time of their lives and actually helped them cope with the pain of losing a loved one. Families have also said that it helps them knowing a part of their loved one lives on.

Save A Life America is focused on empowering families at their darkest hours and giving them a light of hope to assist them with their decision to Save A Life. Together, with the generosity of each donor we are able to save and enhance the lives of many people.


It is natural to have some questions about tissue donation. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions along with answers. Please don’t hesitate to contact Save A Life America if you have additional questions.