Funeral Homes

It takes a collective effort to be able to offer the gift of life. Funeral Directors play a vital role in the success of tissue donation and transplantation. Save a Life America staff work closely with our donation partners to help families make the decision to SAVE A LIFE.

During our partnership, we want to understand your challenges and share in this experience together. By aligning with you towards a common goal, we can together offer more families the opportunity to donate and help SAVE A LIFE.

During such an emotional time, we want to work closely with you to serve grieving families. Families often find that donation can be a ray of hope during this difficult time. A mention of this gift at the memorial service can be a meaningful way to express this optimism.

Another way to facilitate donation is to allow Save a Life America staff access to your facility in much the same way they can access hospitals. We’d be happy to discuss this option with you.

Save a Life America offers helpful guidelines to assist you.

Contact our office for more information: We can be reached at, or 858.643.9373